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Learning the Alphabet

Parts of the Face

Writing Numbers

Writing Numbers

Parts of the Body

Easy Nouns Word Match

What Color is This?

Parts of the Body 2

Conjunctions Practice

Color Match

Parts of the Body 3

Rewriting Words

Important Question Words


Items in the Kitchen

Items in the Bathroom

The Family 1

Learning the Fruits

Practicing Fruits

The Family 2

Learning the Vegetables

Practicing Vegetables

The Family 3

Learning Breakfast Terms

Practicing Breakfast

The Family 4

Learning Lunch/Dinner Terms

Practicing Lunch/Dinner

Items in the Living Room

Describing the Living Room

Describing the Bathroom

Describing the Kitchen

Utensils Practice

Which Room is This?

Daily Life

 Vacation Story Writing

 Vacation and Travel Passage

Describing the Park

Train Story Writing

Labelling the Park 1

Sport Story Writing

Supermarket Story Writing

Labelling the Park 2

Doctors Visit Story Writing

Shopping Story Writing

Letter Exercise 1

Letter Exercise 2


Using the verb "to want"

Passive vs. Active 1

Passive vs. Active 2

Using the verb "to like"

Passive vs. Active Past Tense 1

Passive vs. Active 3

Using the verb "to like"

Passive vs. Active Past Tense 2

Present Progressive 2

Present Progressive

Passive vs. Active Past Tense 3

Past Progressive

Past Progressive 2

"I Try" Practice


Why would you be a good job applicant?


Resume Example

Items in the Office


English Mini-Test 1

English Mini-Test 2

Daily TT

English Test 1

German/English Words and Sentences 5.7.18

German/English Words and Sentences 4.7.18

German/English Words and Sentences 3.7.18

Evening Course Vocabulary 10.7.18



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